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How to use our bone broth

Tasty Hydrating Treat

Freeze Dried Food Boost


How Much

You can serve up to 1/8 cup (1 oz.) for every 10 lb. of your pet's body weight per serving. The serving size can be adjusted based on your pets appetite, the occasion and their activity level. Always start with smaller servings and work your way up to guarantee your pooch has a great experience every time. 

How Often

Our broth is made from organic and all natural ingredients and it can be a great addition to a daily feeding regimen. Start slow with one serving per day. From there you can add a little broth as a treat throughout the day and even add a second serving!

When & Where

Serve every day as part of a healthy diet to boost mobility and general health. Our shelf stable, leak proof pouch makes it great for "on the go" hydration and nutrition boosting while traveling as well. Anywhere, anytime. Make Primalvore Bone Broth part of your canine companion's daily routine.

The Primalvore Differnce

Thoughtful Sourcing

At Primalvore we believe in thoughtful sourcing. That's why we choose human grade, grass fed, and free range ingredients from humanely raised animals.

Minimal Ingredients

We only use 3 ingredients in our collagen-boosted bone broth: organic bone broth, collagen peptides, and organic turmeric.

Craft Processing

Our bone broth is masterfully crafted by slow simmering in small batches with no additives or preservatives.


Dexter thoroughly enjoyed Primalvore's Chicken Bone Broth. It was easy to use, I just poured some over Dexter's breakfast and he eagerly lapped it up.


My Dogs Love Primalvore, it is my preferred brand of premade bone broth because it is fortified with additional collagen and turmeric.

– Kimberly Gautheir | KEEP THE TAIL WAGGING