Organic Bone Broth For Pets

with Collagen Peptides and Turmeric

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Primalvore Bone Broth

We have been using Primalvore Bone Broth for a year now. We started to help our youngest dog (Age 2) regain motility after a hip replacement; it worked so well, we put our three senior dogs (ages 13, 11, and 10) on it as well, and those three have shown a tremendous rejuvenation! They move like they are young again!


Hemp oil helps my older dog with skin issues and it getting so much better.

My loving cat loves bone broth

It took quite a while to find a bone broth not only suitable for my cat. I found broth for human consumption often contained spices and salt- not acceptable for a cat nor one with congenital kidney malformation. A splash in his food makes all the difference to enhance his interest in his renal diet. Remember to check with your pets vet. My kitty Sake and I thank you. 

Delicious and Nutritious Beef Bone Broth

I am so thankful to have found this broth. The fact that it is human-grade made from grass-fed beef and organic with collagen is so important. I add it to our Sophie's grass-fed dehydrated beef food and she loves it! She is 14 with rare health problems and I feel this has improved her quality of life.

Human Grade with Collagen & Turmeric

Finally, a true bone broth not loaded with unnecessary ingredients that is shelf stable. How do we do it? Unique packaging and a proprietary process that combines time, pressure and controlled temperature. These together create a bone broth that is nutrient rich and never frozen that stores in your cupboard until it's opened. Did we mentioned the no-leak pouch and convenient twist on/off cap? Those make for easy refrigerated storage and use after opening.

Ready to Serve as a Nutritious Drink

Traditionally broths are just toppers for dry food, and we do recommend using it that way. But we have taken bone broth to the next level by only using ingredients that serve a purpose. By making our broth from only organic bones and water we avoid the risk of your precious pup suffering from a food allergy. We boost our broth with collagen that is clinically proven to improve joint health! So now your pet can enjoy a beverage beyond water that serves a purpose. It's like a sports drink for dogs! 

Or a Nourishing "Superfood" Topper

Yes, we definitely recommend using our bone broth for dogs as a nutritious and delicious topper for dry kibble or to re-hydrate freeze dried food. We know your dog will love whatever they're eating with it because our bone broth smells great...especially to them. Dogs only have 1700 taste buds compared to people that have around 9000. However a dog's sense of smell is 40X greater than a humans. Our bone based recipe gives our broth an aroma and flavor dogs crave! 


Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

    Organic Bone Broth (from 100% grass-fed and free-range sources), Collagen Peptites, Organic Turmeric


    Made with ingredients that are certified human grade and processed in a USDA/FDA approved facility.


    Our broth is made with clinically tested collagen! Perfect for Joints, Digestion, Shiny Coat & Strong Nails.


    BPA-Free, no-leak packaging made from flexible glass composition. Shelf stable up to 18 months. 

The Growing Years

Our bone broth for pets is a great way to supplement early feeding. Made with only 3 ingredients that are not only safe, but recommended. It's a great way to boost nutrition and flavor in complete meals as well.

The Active Years

Whether you pet competes in agility events, loves hiking or  just enjoys quality play time and long walks it is important to practice healthy hydration and good nutrition. Our collagen boosted bone broth is the perfect addition to your fur baby's healthy lifestyle.

The Golden Years

 One of the key ingredients in our bone broth is a specific collagen that is shown to improve joint health in aging dogs and it's backed by a clinical study. Much like us, as our pets age they experience joint pain and become less active which can lead to other health issues. Adding bone broth with collagen to their diet helps boost mobility & gut health.