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Not Only Do We Have A New Look, We Have A Great New Flavor. Let Your Pet Be One Of The First To Enjoy The First Duck Bone Broth for Pets. With Collagen Peptides & Turmeric. Duck Is The Perfect Cooling Protein for Dogs. Not Only Good, But Good For Them.


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protein based

no fillers or junk

made in the USA

Broth made with slow simmered Bones, turmeric root...

Our Process Allows Us To Extract The Maximum Amount Of Nutrients From Our Thoughtfully Sourced Bones. Slow Simmer Over Several Hours Also Creates Great Flavor, Aroma and Color. If Your Serving Bone Broth For Wellness or Flavor, You & Your Pet Will Not Be Disappointed.

and collagen peptides to support hip & joint and digestive health

Not All Collagen Is Equal. Collagen Peptides Are Broken Down To Increase Absorption And Bioavailability. And When It Comes To Collagen Peptides We Chose Petagile, Because The Results Are Backed By Clinical Studies.

fueling a champion

Sasha our Dock Diving Superdog!

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