What is the difference between Bone Broth for Dogs vs People?
  • Bone Broth is classically made with ingredients that are not pet friendly like onions and various spices with can be toxic and/or cause gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • PRIMALVORE Bone Broth only uses ingredients that are Pet Friendly and loaded with nutrients that are beneficial to the diet of our canine companions. Our broth is also the only one that has a collagen fortification that is backed by a clinical study.

Can't I just buy regular broth at the store?

  • We would recommend that you never serve cooking broth from the store to your dog. These broths often have artificial ingredients, MSG and vegetables that can be toxic. Even if you don't choose our brand we would ask that you pick a brand that is formulated for pets.

What are the ingredients?

  • Our broth only has 3 ingredients - Bone Broth (water, certified organic bones), collagen peptides (clinically tested to show increased mobility in dogs) and organic turmeric.

Does the Bone Broth need to be refrigerated? How long is it good after opening?

  • Until it is opened, it can be stored on a shelf in the pantry. Once opened, you should refrigerate and use within 7-10 days. If you can't use it within that time, you can freeze it. A good solution is to freeze it as ice cubes and then you can thaw as needed.

How much bone broth should I serve my dog?

  • The recommended serving size is 1 oz. per 10 lb. lb. of your pets body weight, so if your dog is 40 lb, serve 4 oz.
  • Always start slow to make sure your pet tolerates it well. Too much of even a good thing can be challenging.

How often should I serve my dog bone broth?

  • Serve our bone broth up to twice a day. Start with one full size serving a day as a topper, beverage or treat.
  • You can serve multiple times a day but we recommend not serving more than the two servings total. If you like you can serve smaller portions throughout the day, especially on day with lots of play and activity.

How many servings are in a pouch?

  • Our pouch has 12 oz. of bone broth and since the serving size is based on the pets weight and how often you choose to serve. The average could be from 24 servings for a small dog to 4 serving for and XL dog.

How much sodium is in your broth?

Our bone broth contains no added sodium. There are low levels of naturally occurring sodium in all animal products. Our levels are between 30-34 mg of sodium per 100 g of broth.