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3 Easy Ways to Start Good Habits- No Matter Your Dog's Age

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3 Easy Ways to Start Good Habits- No Matter Your Dog's Age

We all know the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” but that’s exactly what you need to do! As our generation is slowly gaining an awareness on the impact of diet and exercise for humans, the same is happening in the pet world.

If you get a puppy, it’s easy to start off on a healthy note, but what if you adopt an older dog? It’s never too late to introduce your dog to healthy living! We want to give you 3 easy ways to start good habits- no matter the age of your pooch.


The first and easiest positive adjustment to make for your dog is their diet. The word 

“diet” is usually associated with the idea of losing weight. But we’re focusing on the choices and nutritional value of the food and/or treats you give your pup on a daily basis.

Make the move from kibble to human grade or raw food. Unfortunately, although convenient- dry kibble, since cooked at such a high temperature, lacks half as many nutrients as human grade or raw food does. In addition, just like humans, dogs bodies struggle to process added preservatives and “grain fillers” in food. Studies have shown that making the switch, no matter how old your pup is, provides increased energy, muscles motions and a longer life span!

On the other side, we understand that making this change can be quite expensive OR maybe your dog just isn’t into it. With this thought in mind, adding bone broth to your dogs kibble is the perfect way to fill the gap of lost nutrients. Bone broth has many health benefits such as improved bone, joint and digestive health.


Run. Play. Fetch. Repeat.

 It is as simple as that. By adding a regular jog or walk into your dogs routine, you are immediately alleviating the possibility of heart disease, arthritis and even depression. Exercising releases pent up energy and will decrease anxiety and any unwanted behavior such as chewing and/or digging. A “lazy” dog is only the product of their 

owner. You are in charge of ensuring that your pup receives enough exercise every day. Dogs are creatures of habit and benefit from a routine. Although it may take some time, your pup will learn to LOVE the added activity to their day and will ultimately feel happier both mentally AND physically.

Training & Tricks

No matter your dogs age, they CAN learn new tricks. With an older dog it can be difficult, but it can, and should be done!

When dogs learn new tricks they are working out their brain. This challenge causes mental stimulation, which is as rewarding as taking a walk! Compare this to a human doing crossword puzzles, it keeps your mind fresh and strong!

Additionally, when a dog learns a new trick or continues to actively perform previously taught tricks, their bond and allegiance is reinforced to their owner. By following commands, your dog gains your trust and will more likely listen and abide by directions given in a chaotic situation.

The first day of the rest of your dog’s life starts NOW.


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