Bone Broth Benefits For Dogs And Cats


"We hear from lots of people and they all say the same things 'I am aware of bone broth and the benefits for people. Now pet parents are serving it to their dogs and even cats! What is behind this, what are these great benefits and what makes Primalvore better and different than all of the rest?' Learn it here."


• Maintain and Improve Mobility & Joint Health
• Digestion and Gut Health
• Boosted Energy and Vitality
• Shiny Coat
• Strong Nails

Bone broth is nothing new, humans have used it for ailments of all types over the years and it is a staple in many healthy diets. Bone broth is loaded with nutrients. Chondroitin and Glucosamine are naturally occurring in bone broth, they along with various vitamins and minerals are extracted from the bones during the slow simmer cooking process. The finished broth which is literally and extraction of the nutrients into water has a great flavor and the liquid format makes all of those good things more bio-available when consumed either as a beverage or a tasty topper over food.


Collagen peptides are a versatile source of protein and an important element of healthy nutrition. Their nutritional and physiological properties promote the health of bones and joints, and contribute to a shiny coat and strong nails. The process of breaking collagen into small chains increases the bio-availability of the key nutrients in collagen. We boost our broth with a specific group of collagen peptides, this gives our broth higher protein and levels of Chondroitin and Glucosamine which is why so many pet parents are turning to bone broth to fortify their pets daily healthy eating regimen.