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How Much Bone Broth Should I Give My Dog?

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How Much Bone Broth Should I Give My Dog?

Bone Broth For Your Dog: What You Need To Know

Bone broth is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners. Dog owners feed their pets broth because it's nutritious and addresses certain health problems that dogs experience. It's also just tasty for dogs and a healthy supplement in general, so nearly any dog can consume and enjoy this snack. If you're a pet owner who wants to incorporate bone broth into your dog's diet, it's important to research portion sizes and the recommended daily allowance.


How Much Bone Broth Should I Feed My Dog?

A standard serving of bone broth for a dog is 1 ounce of broth for every 10 pounds of body weight. Therefore, a single serving for a 100-pound dog is 10 ounces. Your dog can eat up to two servings per day. If your dog has never tried bone broth, we recommend starting your pet with one serving per day, just to make sure it agrees with your pet's digestive system. Once you know that your dog likes bone broth and it agrees with your dog's system, you can add a second serving to your dog's daily routine. If you want your dog to have it more than twice per day, divide your pet's servings into small portions and feed it to your pet all day.


How to Feed Bone Broth to a Dog

Bone broth can be serve in many ways. The most common way to serve bone broth to your furry friend is over kibble to add flavor and nutrients. Another popular use is to add moisture to freeze dried food. Bone broth can also be served in addition to water as a treat all by itself for delicious, nourishing hydration. During the spring and summer months bone broth ice cubes are hit with dogs. Get creative like the recipe in this video for frozen bone broth biscuit treats


What Are the Benefits?

Why bone broth, you ask?

Good question. Primalvore's product contains certified organic bone broth, collagen peptides and organic turmeric. These ingredients are known to promote a shiny coat, healthy joints and a well-functioning digestive system.

Bone broth is good for pets experiencing joint trouble, and it can help soothe your pet's stomach when it's upset. It's an excellent supplement that can moisten your dog's meals and make its food slightly more digestible. If your pet experiences chronic digestion problems, bone broth could become a necessary part of its diet.

Of course, a great benefit of this product is that it's yummy for animals. Pet owners choose bone broth because they like to serve food that their pet clearly enjoys.


Can Dogs Eat Bone Broth Made for People?

It's a common belief that dogs can eat any bone broth with the same results. While pets can consume a variety of pet-grade bone broths, bone broth made for people should not be consumed by your dog. Products made for humans can contain a variety of vegetable flavorings (such as onions) that could be toxic to pets.

Never feed your pet a broth that is not specifically intended for consumption by dogs. If you have any questions about whether or not a food product is safe for your pet, seek advice from your pet's veterinarian. He or she can help you decide what can be safely consumed by your dog, and what cannot.


Is Bone Broth Safe For Cats?

The good news for is. Many cats enjoy bone broth so don’t shy away from serving bone broth to your kitty.


Have Questions? Contact Us!

At Primalvore, we take pet food very seriously. It's our mission to produce quality organic products that are good for your pet's health and tasty for your pet to eat. If you have questions about our bone broth — including how much your dog should eat based on activity levels, weight and age — we can help. Check out our FAQ for more information about our products.


If your animal likes bone broth but you're not sure how to get started with our product, email We have recipes and ideas that can help enhance bone broth's flavor. We love to help our customers.

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  • Bone Broth is good for puppies! Once the puppy has stopped nursing, and is eating regular food, you can add bone broth. Start small and build up to the recommended dosage over time.

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