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National Black Dog Day

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National Black Dog Day

October 1st is National Black Dog Day and is also the start of National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!

For whatever reason, black dogs are frequently passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored animals. Some say it’s because they look intimidating, their expressions are harder to read, that it’s challenging to get good adoption photos, or that their dark fur hides their distinct personalities. Whatever the reason, black dogs are more likely to be killed in shelters regardless of their breed.

If you give a black dog a chance, you will find their behavior is no different from dogs of a different color. They fetch, play, and wag their tails just the same. They come in short hair, long-haired and shaggy breeds, too. Do you like a floppy-eared pup? Every ear, tail, bark, and size comes in some beautiful shade of black. Big paws and little paws, too!

To help all of us overcome that thinking we wanted to share the “10 Awesome Reasons to Adopt A Black Dog”. What’s your favorite reason? We love reason #5, that they’re ready for every formal event!

Don’t forget...October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, so if you’re looking for a new fur baby, be sure to check out your local rescues and shelters, and be sure to give those darker colored pups a chance…we bet you’ll fall in love!


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