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Primalvore Stories: Chester, Rusty & Frances Jane

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Primalvore Stories: Chester, Rusty & Frances Jane

Here at Primalvore we love hearing about the impact Bone Broth has made in the lives of customers’ pups. This month, we want to share three stories from Chester, Rusty & Frances Jane.

Chester, a 12 1/2 year old rescued Cairn Terrier with low energy:

Your broth has made such a difference in our boy being able to go for walks. He couldn’t even make it around the block. We would have to carry him home. Now, fast forward to giving him a 1/4 [cup] broken out over the day and he is running! He is making it further each day and I really believe it has to do with the power of your bone broth. We are on auto ship to make sure we never run out. Love your product!!

Rusty, a pup with gut issues:

Our 18 mo. old pup, Rusty, has been a very sick boy for most of his young life with acid reflux, bleeding ulcers and extreme food sensitivities. I’ve had him on everything good, wholesome and natural that I can find. But for the tummy issues, he’s in beautiful condition. Primalvore chicken bone broth has been a very welcome addition to his meals. I use it to mix his freeze dried chicken, probiotics, etc., etc. into his prescription food and he’s stopped being fussy and really licks his bowl clean! As a result, he’s definitely improving and we are very hopeful for his future health!

Frances Jane, a rescue with digestive issues:

Our rescue, Frances Jane, had terrible digestive issues from the time we brought her home from the shelter. It seemed that no matter what she ate, it went right through her. The vet, when listening to her gut during a visit, said he could barely hear her heart with all the noise her stomach was making. She had constant diarrhea, ate grass and vomited occasionally. Since starting her on your bone broth, she has improved dramatically and is a much happier dog.

Has Primalvore Bone Broth aided in your pup’s story? We would love to hear about it! Please send us a note to be featured in an upcoming blog post.


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