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The 5 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the U.S.

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The 5 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the U.S.
You don’t have to travel solo when you’ve got a four-legged companion named Fido.

So, you want to live your dream of traveling frequently but you don’t want to do it alone. You’ve got a four-legged companion ready and willing to go the distance with you. Before you set out to take the road trip of a lifetime, however, it’s best to know where you can go that dogs are welcome. Believe it or not, more businesses are becoming pet-friendly, making it easier to travel with your best buddy with very little hassle.

Websites such as Trips with Pets and Bring Fido explore the option of pet-friendly accommodations, restaurants, and businesses across the nation. The following list includes five of the best dog-friendly eateries in the country. You won’t have to board your pet while you explore a new city because you’re more than welcome to bring them along with you.

Option #1: Zoka’s Restaurant and Bar in Pine, Colorado

One look at the company’s logo is all it takes to see how much the owners love dogs. There is a pet-friendly deck where you can go to eat the Zoka Burger which is said to need no condiments because it’s so delicious. Enjoy fresh produce from the restaurant’s greenhouse, and the beautiful scenery that makes up the North Fork of the South Platte River.

Option #2: Ray’s and Starks in Los Angeles, California

Many LA restaurants offer pet-friendly seating outdoors. Few, however, devote an entire menu to dogs. The casual dining restaurant gives patrons plenty of reasons to visit it. Along with seasonal fare, live music, and Happy Hour, the Barky Brunch menu includes dog favorites such as Pizza Crust, a Chicken Liver and Brown Rice Cookie, and Steamed Chicken and Broccoli Bowl. Menu options for dogs are available on weekends.

Option #3: Cane Rosso in Carrollton, Texas

This restaurant has gone to the dogs, literally. It means “red dog” in Italian and offers special treats and fresh water for its canine customers. Best of all, it has its own animal rescue and features Pups on the Patio events where adoptable dogs are brought in by animal shelters with the hopes of them finding their forever homes. If you’d like to add another pet to your canine entourage, this is the place to go to find one.

Option #4: Eli’s Table in Charleston, South Carolina

Another restaurant with menu options for dogs, this eatery serves steak tips and fresh water to your pet while you dine. The patio is open to all dogs, not just service providers. It’s a great way to enjoy a meal with your best bud without feeling rushed or unwelcome. The high-end restaurant is one that you’ll want to book reservations with in advance.

Option #5: Morristown Deli in Morristown, New Jersey

There’s nothing cuter than dining in a restaurant full of canines in booster seats. Although your large dog won’t fit in a high chair, he or she is certainly welcome at this unique deli. A dog menu offers meals such as “Licks of Love” and “Fur-Ever Friends”. Your pet will dine like a king or queen at this popular restaurant.

Road tripping with man’s (or woman’s) best friend is easy when you know where your furry friend is welcome. Make it a point to frequent pet-friendly establishments to show your support and gratitude. Think about how much better your trips will be in the future knowing that your dog’s needs are being taken care of as they would by you and not a stranger at a kennel.


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