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Warning: Beware of Toxic Blue-Green Algae

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Warning: Beware of Toxic Blue-Green Algae

It’s the heart of the Summer when Primalvore Pups & their Families are spending more time outdoors. Many of those outdoor activities involve water, whether they are visiting the beach, going for a hike along a lake or stream, or trips to the local park with a pond. When the days are hot, it’s natural to be attracted to water to cool off and to play.

While all outdoor activities are associated with some risk, the Primalvore team wants to draw your attention to a risk that is very serious this time of year...exposure to toxic blue-green algae.

Unfortunately, we are hearing more and more about pets who are becoming fatally ill after swimming in water contaminated with Cyanobacteria

While sometimes the contaminated water, which can have foam, scum or mats on the surface, often stinks, and may actually attract or be appealing to animals, it may not always be readily obvious to the naked eye, so utmost caution is warranted.  

Currently, no government agency publicly tracks toxic algae outbreaks nationally, leaving it up to local health departments and local media to provide coverage of the issue. It is important to do your own research so that you are aware of risks in your own community.

The Environmental Working Group is monitoring & mapping all related news reports across the U.S. since 2010, but this is not an all-inclusive map.

We hope this information, along with this collection of AP News about Algae, will help you be aware of the exposure risk that algae entails to your pets this summer. 

We know how important your pets are so we share this information with you in hope that it will prevent any more tragedies.


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