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What is the BARF Diet?

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What is the BARF Diet?

Although it is a funny acronym, you should consider learning about the BARF diet!

BARF stands for...

  • B - Biologically 
  • A - Appropriate
  • R - Raw
  • F - Foods

This diet is the most common and popular raw diet for dogs (per Consisting of raw muscle meat, raw edible bone, liver & other organs, vegetables, seeds & nuts and fruit, pet parents consider feeding this diet as it closely resembles what our pet’s ancestors would have eaten prior to domestication. Be sure to visit the link above to learn about the recommended ratios associated with a BARF Diet!

Another great source to learn more about feeding a raw diet is Mayor Tyson Bulldog. His blog recommends 3 key factors to being successful, including:

  • Rotating Proteins
  • Portion Sizes
  • Common Sense 

A visit to Mayor Tyson’s blog will also help you get started with some creative meal options & recipes!

Our favorite fluffy foursome, the PBJ Pack, also have a great tutorial on preparing raw food meals. They recommend grass-fed & free-range meats, along with organic vegetables, to increase the benefits of raw feeding (improved teeth & breath, reduced allergies, bousted immune system, increased stamina and more!). 

Want to learn even more? Here is a video deep-dive into raw feeding. Check out Dog Dad’s advice, in his “Free Raw Feeding Guide” video on YouTube! 


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